Roof Leakage Solutions

Roofs are a vital part of any structure, offering homeowners protection from the elements, creating a secure area for their belongings, and insulating the home in the winter and summer months. If a roof is not correctly fitted and maintained, however, snow and water may leak into the home and cause damage to the structure and belongings housed inside. 

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Causes of Roof Leakage

Poor installation — including improper installation of chimney or roof vents, roof flashing, and roof membrane — is the most common reason for roof leakage. Roofs may also leak due to a puncture in the material or major roof damage caused by falling hail, trees and limbs, or other objects. 

If your roof is experiencing a leak, there may be:

  •     Shingles that are compromised, which may be as a result of poor workmanship and installation, poor quality material, or hail storm or wind.
  •     Valleys that are compromised, which may be caused by a puncture, debris build-up resulting in water build-up, or leaks from neglected maintenance, accidentally, or roofers stepping on them.
  •     Obstructed water flow or a punctured roof resulting from fallen hail, trees, and other objects.
  •     Improper room ventilation in water-paved areas — such as the bathroom — may, over time, result in serious damages.

If you are experiencing a leak but cannot find an exact source or cause, your roof may have served its life span. It is highly advisable to have a roof inspection for any leaks that occur after a storm. Even with the absence of a puncture, debris can cause water blockage, which may result in leakage.

Importance of Fixing a Leaking Roof

A leaking roof should be repaired immediately to minimize further damage and reduce any additional expenses. A leaking roof could also create a hazardous environment for the building’s occupants, leading to an array of health problems, such as respiratory infections, swelling of the eyes, nose and throat problems, asthma, elevated risk for bronchitis, lung and skin infections, and neurological problems.

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